FinanceHUB benefits for investors & traders

Investors DEMAND not only access to market info, institutional news, research, recommendations and advisory from financial institutions, but to be connected with other investors to share opinions, follow & copy other investor´s portfolios, and to get the “Market Sentiment” in comparison to the so called “Market Consensus” issued by Banks & Brokers that typically is biased, and do not succeed consistently.

Among other investment capabilities, in FinanceHUB investors & traders can:

  1. Converse (publicly and in private) with other investors & traders, brokers, issuers and companies through their social profiles.
  2. Speak with their funds & assets managers.
  3. Speak with their advisors.
  4. Share portfolios with other investors.
  5. Follow smartest investors & portfolios.
  6. Copy top performing portfolios.
  7. Interact with other community members sharing opinions, asking questions,…
  8. Create & participate in groups of interests.
  9. Contribute with news, analysis, opinions, events,…
  10. Leverage on opinions, research & news from other investors.
  11. Share contents with their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,..).
  12. …and many more!
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